Monday, February 8, 2010

Geedo's 80th Birthday

Just a couple days after all of that snow, was Geedo's Birthday. We ventured out on the windy day to visit Boba and Geedo, who were still snowed in.

The Birthday Boy :)

Geedo and Boba

Geedo, Boba and Mom

Geedo, Boba and Homer

Geedo, Gregory, Layla, Ben and Me

The kids :)

We had a great time! The cake was delicious and the visit was even better :)

Happy 80th Birthday, Geedo!

Snowstorm 2010

On the weekend of January 23-24, we got a ton of snow. There was probably 2 feet of snow, but it was blowing so much it is hard to tell.

Our house, Sunday morning

It kept on snowing and blowing...

Monday morning, after we got plowed out

All that fresh snow makes everything so pretty tho

Sun dog

Mr. Trouble!

Ever since Benny has learned to walk, he has been nothing but trouble. I mean, he always has been a handful, but now there's no stopping him. He is into everything :)

Getting into the fridge

He has to climb everything!!

Escaping from the highchair

He knows how to get water from the water cooler too

He loves to play with the dishwasher!

He may be cute, but don't let that fool you!

Having fun

The kids got lots of toys for Christmas

Layla got a Mrs. PotatoHead. She decided that she could wear the glasses too :)

Doing a little reading :)

Layla and her pony

Ben and his activity table

So cute...matching pjs from Boba and Geedo :)

Benny playing ball

More of our Christmas..

We had our Christmas dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's. That meant even more presents :)

A few pictures from our Christmas there

Gregory handing out the presents

Grandpa and Layla

Kaylea, Ben and Uncle Steven

Natalie, Ben and Homer Jr

Me and Layla

Kaylea, Uncle Steven and Natalie

Grandma and Grandpa

Homer Jr

Natalie and Uncle Steven

Ben, Layla and me

Kaylea and Layla

Ben's First Christmas

It was an exciting Christmas this year at our house. It was Benny's first Christmas.

Santa brought Layla and Ben a wagon

Benny got a walker and Layla got a rocking puppy

Opening presents

It was soooo much fun!